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Posted by – September 11, 2013

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Another teen whore is pushed to her limits in the most extreme Facial Abuse. These guys fuck her face and then nail her pussy before squirting their loads all over her waiting face. She is just eighteen and pretty cute; I’m so surprised this Bangladeshi whore is doing porn. Her family back home would be so shocked to see her doing hardcore porn let alone such intense abuse. Although this girl hated every minute of this hardcore video she gets her reward. That’s a face full of jizz leaving her cute face dripping with creamy hot spunk; enjoy this abusive video!

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Posted by – August 17, 2013

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What is it about milfs that are so satisfying or even gilfs because this whore is 51 years old? When they get to this age then nothing is off limits and this complete slut gets the full on abuse. Deep throat gagging, anal fucking and some intense double penetration. These guys finish by creaming all over her face leaving her cum covered. What an old bitch and what a disgrace she is put through for Facial Abuse. If you like to see girls used and abused being blasted with plenty of hot cream then this is the site for you, it’s completely extreme.

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Posted by – July 8, 2013

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Hot piece of Asian ass is given a great cum facial after the most extreme face fucking and anal sex. She has never experienced anything like this, these guys rip into her throat going balls deep on this bitch. She is bent over and anally fucked; these guys then double penetrate her tight holes. She is left used and abused ready for a big cum facial. One after the other these guys unload their creamy spunk all over her pretty Asian face. She looks so good dripping in cream, Mia Rider won’t forget this abusive video in a hurry and you won’t either, enjoy!

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Posted by – June 8, 2012

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Sweet and innocent Indian teen girl? Well Neela certainly wasn’t after this extreme and intense face fucking and pussy slamming. She gets her pretty little face covered in lots and lots of man cream, she is left dripping in the stuff. She may only be a teen, but that means nothing. She is degraded, humiliated and abused just like everyone else. She is not going to forget this amazing scene in a hurry; these guys really do give her both barrels all over her pretty little face. Check out Facial Abuse for more amateur facial action.

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Posted by – March 30, 2012

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These nasty white boys unload all their hot spunk leaving this ebony whore soaked in man cream. This is abusive black facial cum porn. She is subjected to the most humiliating deepthroat blowjobs and pussy fucking. The onslaught against this poor sister is unbelievable. These guys have no compassion for her wellbeing and use her as a cheap nasty sex toy. It’s not long before she is surrounded by these cruel white guys and taking multiple facials. If you like humiliating ebony facials then check out Ghetto Gaggers. These ghetto sluts are used and abused by white cock. Plenty of messy jizz cumshots are sure to leave you feeling very satisfied!

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Posted by – February 23, 2012

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This slut gets abused and degraded for this facial cum video. These guys don’t mess about giving her eye watering deep throat blowjobs, intensive anal sex and then a face full of jizz. Used like a cheap sex toy she is totally humiliated for your jerking pleasure. She takes multiple cumshots to the face that leave her absolutely drenched in creamy hot jizz. Each load ends up dripping over her cheeks and chin. She is totally disgrace, made a complete facial cum whore. Amateurs and pornstars are taken to their limits before being covered in cum at Facial Abuse.

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Posted by – February 15, 2012

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Sprayed all over her face this is a blonde slut gets cum full force in the face. Amazing big facial cum porn, this whore is totally used and abused. Slapped about, spat on and made to gag on these nasty guy’s erect cocks. This is really brutal stuff, she doesn’t know what day of the week it is by the time these guys have finished abusing her face and body. They all surround her and shoot a big load of hot cum in her face leaving her dripping with cream, totally humiliated. Check out more cum facials at Facial Abuse.

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Posted by – January 20, 2012

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Extreme facial cum video with amateur whore. This whore is so dumb, she really is as stupid as sluts come! It’s unfortunate for her that she decided to do Facial Abuse because she gets her ass handed too her! Intense deep throat fucking, slapping, spitting and of course a very messy facial. She looks a complete mess after this intense ordeal. The guys surround her and take turns in jizzing all over her face. She looks so miserable after the most humiliating experience of her life. She won’t forget this extreme fucking for a long time, what a dumb slut she is!

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Posted by – January 5, 2012

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Amazing ebony facial cum shot, this black slut gets her face sprayed with wads of thick cum. Kandee Lixxx decided she wanted to come back to porn and she decided Ghetto Gaggers would be the perfect place to kick start her career, wrong! This slut is degraded, humiliated and abused for all to see. Slapped about, spat on and drilled deep in her pussy she was taken beyond her limits. These nasty white boys can’t wait to nut all over her face leaving her dripping with jizz. Watch ghetto amateurs and pornstars getting drenched in jizz leaving them with messy ebony facials.

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Posted by – December 24, 2011

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What a whore this busty brunette is; she takes multiple cum shots leaving her with a messy facial cum covered face. She is totally used and abused for this extreme hardcore porn video; these guys fuck her throat, abuse her pussy and then explode all over her face. You can see her eyes are watering, her makeup running down her cheeks; she gets facially covered in jizz and then slapped about for good measure. This busty whore got the worst that Facial Abuse had to offer. Gagged out, degraded, humiliated and of course plenty of facial cum for the money shot!